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Tour of Bent's Fort near La Junta, Colorado, November, 2009. This is a piece of Colorado history and the model for the trading post in Michener's book, Centennial.

The views from the overlooks in Bryce Canyon National Park, November, 2008

Zion National Park, lower level along the Zion River, then along a hike at the upper level, November, 2008

Autumn color along the bike path from our home to River Run at Keystone (the ski area).

Autumn color along the trail to Rainbow Lake A modest hike to a lake about a mile from our home in Frisco.

Autumn color in Ten Mile Canyon A bike ride and a walk in this glorious canyon during the last full week in September, 2008.

Birds and flowers from Desert Park, Alice Springs, Australia. This outback environmental park was one of the highlights of our visit to Alice Springs, Australia, August, 2008.

Images of summer wanderings around Summit County, Summer, 08

Ohio Pass Road on a lovely day in March, 2008.Drive with a good friend and talented artist from Gunnison. The ranch house photo near the end also appears in Crested Butte Autumn, below in this list of photo albums. Ohio Pass Road forks northwest off the road from Gunnison to Crested Butte. In the summer, it ends at the top of Kebler Pass which connects Crested Butte to Paonia. In winter, it stops in a snow bank before the uphill climb.

Sunny day! Images from February 26, 2008. A sunny day at Frisco Bay Nordic Center.

Snow! Images from January 06, 2008. A snowy day at the Frisco Nordic Center. Beautiful.

Snow! Images from January 04, 2008. Snowshoeing at Breckenridge with our friend Ellie. My eTrex confirmed 9800 ft at the start, with climbs of about 50 fee along the way. Fabulous trail.

Snow! Images from Decemer 26, 07, through January 1, 08. Cross-country skiing in Denver and at the Breckenridge Nordic Center.

Denver skiing was on the Highline Canal with access at the end of our street. Next an image from Dec 30, Judy skiing in high wind and about 12 degrees F. Last set: Jan 1, sunny and about 8 degrees but no wind.

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Daily log and photos of Fernando de Naronha, November, 2007, by Norm and Judy.

Photo album A day in Prague, October, 2007. 2007. Lovely autumn day in one of our favorit cities. Film strip. We have more images, but these were handy.

Photo album At the SEG in San Antonio, September, 2007. Photos by Norm and Judy.

Photo album A weekend at Norm and Judy's mountain house in Frisco, Colorado, August, 2007. Photos by Norm, Judy, Farnoush.

Photo album A few flower images from a hike to Rainbow Lake in early August, 2007.

Photo album of our raft trip on July 18, 2007. Photos by Norm and Fan. If you want to add photos to our on line album, send them to me.

Photo album of the Gaussian beam short course at CWP, May 21, 2007. Photos by Judy, PhotoShop by Norm.

Photos A warm ski day on the Frisco Bay Trail.

Photos from our trip to visit Steve and Kayu in Sydney, December 2006.

Photos from our trip to Tasmania, December 2006.

Hobart, Tasmania, December 2006. Photos from our sail on a brigantine, The Windward Bound, a reproduction of a nineteenth century ship. Captian and three of the crew were women, two were men. Also, two teenage trainees to fill out the crew.

Photos from a sail on a brigantine in Hobart harbor, Tasmania, December 2006.

Photos from Parati, November 2006.

Photos from Tygelfest, a workshop in honor of Martin Tygel's 60th birthday, November 2006.

Photos from our project review and awards ceremony at the SEG.

Assorted photos from Italy, 1965-2003.

Notes for the digital photography course that we teach.

For photos of Norm and Judy, click here.

Images of Fall, 06, Frisco, CO.

WORKSHOP ON SEISMIC WAVES IN LATERALLY INHOMOGENEOUS MEDIA VI, Castle of Hruba Skala, Czech Republic, June 20-25, 2005

Crested Butte Autumn, 2004

Our house addition. Click here.

Photo of Peter Lax and Burt Wendroff on the occasion of Burt's 70th birthday.

Photo of Joe Keller, circa 1963.

Photos from Flowerfest at Crested Butte, July, 2000, 2001.

Photos from Rio de Janeiro, August, 1999.

Photos of solitary waves (solitons), Santos, September, 1999.

Photos of the beach at Juquei, September, 1999.

Photos of Frisco, Colorado, Fall and winter, 2000, 2001.

Photos of Photos from Europe, winter 2001/2002.

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