Joe Keller, circa 1963

The occasion was a farewell party for Joe before he departed for a year's sabbatical and world travel. The party was in the main office of the Electromagnetics Division of the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, later, the Courant Institute. The office was located on the eighth floor at 25 Waverly Place. This was a suite used by Morris Klein, then head of the division, and two secretaries. Joe was sitting in one of the secretary's chairs in the southwest corner of the office.

Any additional information about the party, people who were there, would be much appreciated. There was some question raised about the year. Joe has confirmed that it was, indeed, 1963. He was about to leave for a round-the-world sabbatical.

The picture was taken with a Leica M3 with a Nikkor f/3.5 135mm lens, handheld, probably on ASA 400 film. I think that I developed the film and made the original 8X10 picture myself, in a darkroom in the NYU Student Union building on the south side of Washington Square Park. This photo was also used in the issue of SIAM's August, 1983, Applied Math Journal, dedicated to Joe in honor of his 60th birthday.

This is a scan made in October 2002 and restored in PhotoShop 7.0. An 11X14in image was presented to Joe at the Workshop at Stanford University celebrating Joe's 80th birthday, January 4 and 5, 2003.

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