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SUBFILT - apply Butterworth bandpass filter

An alternative to sufilter is subfilt, which applies a Butterworth filter to data.

% suplane | subfilt fstoplo=10 fpasslo=20 fpasshi=30 fstophi=60 | suxwigb title="10,20,30,60 hz  bandpass bfilt"  &
\subsection{SUACOR - auto-correlation}
This program is used to compute the autocorrelation of a trace.
This process is useful to see the size of a wavelet, or the repetitions
of the wavelet, as an aid in choosing the {\bf maxlag\/} parameter
of {\bf supef}. {\bf Suacor\/} is also useful for determining the
frequency range of data in terms of the power spectrum. For example
{\small \begin{verbatim}
% suplane | sufilter | suacor | suspecfx | suxwigb &

John Stockwell 2007-04-10