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SURAMP and SUTAPER - tapering data values

Many seismic processing algorithms will show spurious artifacts resulting from sharp edges on a dataset. Tapering the amplitudes on the edges of a dataset is the one of the easiest ways of suppressing these artifacts. For this purpose, we have ``sutaper'' to taper the edges of the dataset (for example here, linear taper over 5 traces on each end of the dataset)
% sutaper <diskfile >stdout ntaper=5   
and ``suramp'' to smooth the beginning and/or end of traces (for the example here, ramp up from 0 to tmin=.05 seconds, and ramp down from tmax=1.15 seconds to the end of the traces
% suramp <diskfile tmin=.05 tmax=1.15 >stdout 

John Stockwell 2007-04-10