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Time gating

The second issue windowing is time gating. In fact, when people want to window data, they often want to do both trace and time gating.

 Options for vertical windowing (time gating):                         
       tmin = 0.0              min time to pass                        
       tmax = (from header)    max time to pass                        
       itmin = 0               min time sample to pass                 
       itmax = (from header)   max time sample to pass                 
       nt = itmax-itmin+1      number of time samples to pass
The result of setting either ``itmin and itmax'' or ``tmin and tmax'' will be to create a time gate which is to the nearest sample. If you want to time gate to an arbitrary (inter-sample) window, then this is a problem in data resampling and ``suresamp'' is the program of choice.

John Stockwell 2007-04-10