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Making a movie with SUXMOVIE

It is possible to make movies of seismic data with suxmovie. An example of this is to make several synthetic data panels with suplane appending each successive panel with the double redirect sign ``»''

% suplane >
% suplane | suaddnoise sn=20 >>
% suplane | suaddnoise sn=15 >>
% suplane | suaddnoise sn=10 >>
% suplane | suaddnoise sn=5 >>
% suplane | suaddnoise sn=3 >>
% suplane | suaddnoise sn=2 >>
% suplane | suaddnoise sn=1 >>

% suxmovie < n2=32 title="frame=%g" loop=1  &
The final command has ``n2=32'' set to show that there are 32 traces per frame of data. The usage of ``%q'' permits the frame number to be listed as part of the title, and ``loop=1'' runs the movie in a continuous loop.

To make the movie go faster or slower, simply enlarge or shrink the window by clicking and dragging on the lower right corner of the plot. Clicking the far-right mouse button once will freeze the frame, and clicking it a second time will start the movie again.

John Stockwell 2007-04-10