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SURANGE - Get the Range of Header Values

A useful piece of information about trace headers is to see the range of values of the headers in a given dataset. Typing,

% surange <
will return the ranges of all SU header fields that are nonzero. For example:
% suplane | surange
32 traces:
 tracl=(1,32)  tracr=(1,32)  offset=400 ns=64 dt=4000
The program suplane generates a test pattern whose header values simulate a common-offset dataset. The default parameters for suplane are to make 32 traces, with 64 samples per trace at 4 ms (4000 microseconds by SEG convention) sampling, with offset=400. The output consists of three intersecting lines of spikes.

Please note that corrupt data may show really strange values for a large number of the header fields. Detecting such a problem is one of the primary uses of surange.

John Stockwell 2007-04-10