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SUADDHEAD - Adding SU Headers to Binary Data

Once data have been put in the correct form, that is to say, an array of C-style floats organized with the fast dimension in the direction of increasing sample number per trace, then it is necessary to add headers so that these data may be accessible to other SU programs.

If the data are SEGY, SEGD, DT1, or Bison/Geometrics data, read from a tape or diskfile, then the programs segyread, segdread, dt1tosu, or bison2su will have set the trace header values so that the output will be ``SU data.''

For data read from some other means, such as an ASCII dataset by a2b, headers have to be added, this is done by using suaddhead. If our dataset consists of a file of binary C-style floats with, say 1024 samples per trace, then the command sequence

% suaddhead < data.bin ns=1024 >
will yield the SU datafile ``''

John Stockwell 2007-04-10