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The Seismic Unix project is partially funded by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), and by the Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP), Department of Geophysical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines. Past support for SU has included these groups, as well as the Gas Research Institute (GRI).

Thank you SEG, and CWP for your continued support!

The sponsors of the CWP Consortium Project have long been partners in the SU project and we are pleased to explicitly acknowledge that relationship here. In addition, we wish to acknowledge extra support supplied in the past by IBM Corporation and by the Center for Geoscience Computing at the Colorado School of Mines during the late 1980's when SU was ported to the modern workstation from its previous incarnation on graphics terminals.

So many faculty and students, both at our Center and elsewhere, have contributed to SU, that it is impossible to list them all here. However, certain people have made such important contributions that they deserve explicit mention.

Einar Kjartansson began writing what is now called SU (the SY package) in the late 1970's while still a graduate student at Jon Claerbout's Stanford Exploration Project (SEP). He continued to expand the package while he was a professor at the University of Utah in the early eighties. In 1984, during an extended visit to SEP Einar introduced SY to Shuki Ronen, then a graduate student at Stanford. Ronen further developed SY from 1984 to 1986. Other students at SEP started to use it and contributed code and ideas. SY was inspired by much other software developed at SEP and benefited from the foundations laid by Clairbout and many of his students; Rob Clayton, Stew Levin, Dave Hale, Jeff Thorson, Chuck Sword, and others who pioneered seismic processing on Unix in the seventies and early eighties.

In 1986, Shuki Ronen brought this work to our Center during a one year postdoctoral appointment at the Colorado School of Mines. During this time, Ronen aided Cohen in turning SU into a supportable and exportable product.

Chris Liner, while a student at the Center, contributed to many of the graphics codes used in the pre-workstation (i.e, graphics terminal) age of SU. Liner's broad knowledge of seismology and seismic processing enabled him to make a positive and continuing influence on the SU coding philosophy.

Craig Artley, now at Golden Geophysical, made major contributions to the graphics codes while a student at CWP and continues to make significant contributions to the general package.

Dave Hale wrote several of the ``heavy duty'' processing codes as well as most of the core scientific and graphics libraries. His knowledge of good C-language coding practice helped make our package an excellent example for applied computer scientists.

Ken Larner contributed many user interface ideas based on his extensive knowledge of seismic processing in the ``real world.''

John Scales showed how to use SU effectively in the classroom in his electronic text, Theory of Seismic Imaging, Samizdat Press, 1994. This text is available from the Samizdat press site at:

John Stockwell's involvment with SU began in 1989. He is largely responsible for designing the Makefile structure that makes the package easy to install on the majority of Unix platforms. He has been the main contact for the project since the first public release of SU in September of 1992 (Release 17). After Jack Cohen's death in 1996, Stockwell assumed the role of principal investigator of the SU project and has remained in this capacity to the present. The number of codes has more than tripled in the 11 years, since John Stockwell has been PI of the project.

The project has also has had extensive technical help from the worldwide SU user community. Among those who should be singled out for mention are Tony Kocurko at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Toralf Foerster of the Baltic Sea Research Institute in Warnemuende Germany, Stewart A. Levin, John Anderson, and Joe Oravetz at Mobil Oil, Joe Dellinger at Amoco, Matthew Rutty, Jens Hartmann, Alexander Koek, Michelle Miller of the University of Southern California at Chico, Berend Scheffers, and Guy Drijkoningen, Delft, Dominique Rousset, Pau and Marc Schaming, Strasbourg, Matt Lamont, Curtin University, Australia, Wenying Cai at the University of Utah, Brian Macy of Phillips Petroleum, Robert Krueger of Terrasys, Torsten Shoenfelder of the University of Koeln, Germany, Ian Kay of the Geological Survey of Canada, Dr. Toshiki Watanabe of the University of Kyoto, and independent consultant Reg Beardsley. Our apologies in advance for undoubtedly omitting mention of other deserving contributors to SU--we promise to include you in future updates of this manual!

We especially thank Barbara McLenon for her detailed suggestions on the text and also for her excellent design of this document, as well as the SU pamphlets, and other materials, which we distribute at public meetings.

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