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There is also a ``DOS SEGY'' format which is similar to the previous format, with the exception that the traces and headers are all written in a little-endian format. On a big-endian machine, the command to read such a dataset would be
% segyread tape=/dev/rmt0 verbose=1 endian=0 conv=0 | segyclean >
will read the data. Note, that endian=0 is set to swap the bytes. (All of the bytes, header and data are in the swapped format.) On a little-endian machine, the procedure is
% segyread tape=/dev/rmt0 verbose=1 endian=1 conv=0 | segyclean >
with endian=1, in this case preventing byteswapping.

In each case, if we had a diskfile with some `filename', we would use ``tape=filename.''

John Stockwell 2007-04-10