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Long-time SU contributor, Dr. Christopher L. Liner of the University of Tulsa, created the following document which may be accessed from the CWP/SU web site, or from his location of:


                          Version 33 (5 April 1999)

                            An HTML Help Browser

   * This is a help browser for the SeismicUn*x free software package
     developed and maintained by the Center for Wave Phenomena at the
     Colorado School of Mines. The SU project is directed at CWP by John
   * The author of this help facility is Dr. Christopher Liner (an alumnus
     of CWP) who is a faculty member in the Department of Geosciences at The
     University of Tulsa.
   * Last updated January 16, 1998

        o The arrangement below is by funtionality
        o Clicking on a program name pulls up the selfdoc for that item
        o Your web browser's Find capability is useful if you have a
          fragment in mind (e.g. sort or nmo)
        o While programs may logically apply to more than one catagory
          below, each program appears only once

  1. Functional Listing
       1. Data Compression
       2. Editing, Sorting and Manipulation
       3. Filtering, Transforms and Attributes
       4. Gain, NMO, Stack and Standard Processes
       5. Graphics
       6. Import/Export
       7. Migration and Dip Moveout
       8. Simulation and Model Building
       9. Utilities

    * Alphabetical name list              * 280 items
    * List is for scanning only, it       * For further info on an
      does not pull up the selfdoc of       interesting item use your
      a selected item.                      browser's find command, then
                                            follow the link


Data Compression

 Discrete Cosine Transform
                                   * dctcomp            * dctuncomp

 Packing                           * supack1            * suunpack1
                                   * supack2            * suunpack2
                                   * wpc1comp2          * wpc1uncomp2
 Wavelet Transform                 * wpccompress        * wpcuncompress
                                   * wptcomp            * wptuncomp
                                   * wtcomp             * wtuncomp

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To see the full listing see Appendix B or point your web browser to the http address above.

John Stockwell 2007-04-10