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DEMOS - a brief descriptions of the demos

The directiory $CWPROOT/src/demos contains a number of subdirectories containing ready to run shell scripts to demostrate SU programs. This collection is nowhere as complete as it should be, and is continually changing and being updated.

The beginner is encouraged to run the demos in the following order:

The Making_Data demo shows the basics of making synthetic data shot gathers and common offset sections using susynlv. Particular attention is paid to illustrating good display labeling.

The Filtering/Sufilter demo illustrates some real data processing to eliminate ground roll and first arrivals. The demos in the Filtering subdirectories give instructions for accessing the data from the CWP ftp site.

The Deconvolution demo uses simple synthetic spike traces to illustrate both dereverberation and spiking decon using supef and other tools. The demos include commands for systematically examining the effect of the filter parameters using loops.

The Sorting_Traces Tutorial is an interactive script that reinforces some of the basic UNIX and SU lore discussed in this document. The interactivity is limited to allowing you to set the pace. Such tutorials quickly get annoying, but we felt that one such was needed to cover some issues that didn't fit into our standard demo format. There is also a standard, but less complete, demo on this topic.

The next step is to activate the Selecting_Traces Demo. Then proceed to the NMO Demo. Beyond that, visit the Demo directories that interest you. The demos directory tree is still under active development--please let us know if the demos are helpful and how they can be improved.

As the user becomes more familiar with the logic of SU, then he or she may feel free to run any of the other demos either in their original form, or the user may modify the shell scripts to his or her own ends.

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John Stockwell 2007-04-10