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SUFIND - Find SU Items with a Given String

The ``doc'' database (located in $CWPROOT/src/doc) may also be searched for specific strings, or topics. The shell script sufind serves this purpose. If you type sufind with no options, you will see

% sufind

sufind - get info from self-docs about SU programs
Usage: sufind [-v -n -P<command_pattern>] string
        ("string" can be an "egrep" pattern)
"sufind string" gives brief synopses
"sufind -v string" verbose hunt for relevant items
"sufind -n name_fragment" searches for command name
"sufind -P<pattern> string"
        gives brief synopses by searching for "string" among
        commands/libraries whose names match the "pattern"
showing that there is some sophisticated functionality which may help you find items of a particular type in the SU package.

As an example of this, let's say that you are looking for programs that use the fast Fourier transform algorithms in SU, type

% sufind fft

 FFTLAB - Motif-X based graphical 1D Fourier Transform

 Usage:  fftlab

HANKEL - Functions to compute discrete Hankel transforms

hankelalloc     allocate and return a pointer to a Hankel transformer
hankelfree      free a Hankel transformer

PFAFFT - Functions to perform Prime Factor (PFA) FFT's, in place

npfa            return valid n for complex-to-complex PFA
npfar           return valid n for real-to-complex/complex-to-real PFA

 SUAMP - output amp, phase, real or imag trace from             
        (frequency, x) domain data                              

 suamp <stdin >stdout mode=amp                                  

 SUFFT - fft real time traces to complex frequency traces       

 suftt <stdin >sdout sign=1                                     

 SUFRAC -- take general (fractional) time derivative or integral of     
            data, plus a phase shift.  Input is TIME DOMAIN data.       

 sufrac power= [optional parameters] <indata >outdata                   

 SUIFFT - fft complex frequency traces to real time traces      

 suiftt <stdin >sdout sign=-1                                   

 SUMIGPS - MIGration by Phase Shift with turning rays                   

 sumigps <stdin >stdout [optional parms]                                

 SUMIGTK - MIGration via T-K domain method for common-midpoint stacked data

 sumigtk <stdin >stdout dxcdp= [optional parms]                 

 SURADON - forward generalized Radon transform from (x,t) -> (p,tau) space.

 suradon <stdin >stdout [Optional Parameters]                           

For more information type: "program_name <CR>"
The final line of this output ends with a symbol meant to indicate that the user is to type a carriage return.2.1As you can see, there is a mixed collection of programs which are either demos of the CWP/SU prime factor fft routines (pfafft), libraries containing the routines, or programs that use fft routines.


John Stockwell 2007-04-10