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The full text of the output from:
% suhelp

CWP PROGRAMS: (no self-documentation)
ctrlstrip    downfort    fcat    isatty    maxints    pause    t    upfort  

PAR PROGRAMS: (programs with self-documentation)
a2b  	      grm  	   rayt2d      smoothint2    unisam2  	  xy2z  
b2a  	      h2b  	   recast      subset        vel2stiff    z2xyz  
dzdv  	      kaperture    regrid3     swapbytes     velconv  
farith        makevel      resamp      transp        velpert  
ftnstrip      mkparfile    smooth2     unif2  	     vtlvz  
ftnunstrip    prplot  	   smooth3d    unisam        wkbj  

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SU PROGRAMS: (self-documented programs for SU data )
  SU data is "SEGY" data run through "segyclean"
bhedtopar  	sudmofkcw  	sukdmig3d  	suop  	      sustkvel  
dt1tosu  	sudmotivz  	sukdsyn2d  	suop2         sustolt  
segdread  	sudmotx  	sukfilter  	supack1       sustrip  
segyclean  	sudmovz  	sukfrac  	supack2       suswapbytes  
segyhdrs  	suea2df  	sukill  	supaste       susyncz  
segyread  	suedit  	sulog  		supef         susynlv  
segywrite  	sufdmod2  	sumax  		supgc         susynlvcw  
setbhed  	sufft  		sumean  	supickamp     susynlvfti  
su3dchart  	sufilter  	sumedian  	suplane       susynvxz  
suabshw  	suflip  	sumigfd  	suput         susynvxzcs  
suacor  	sufrac  	sumigffd  	suquantile    sutab  
suaddhead  	sufxdecon  	sumiggbzo  	suradon       sutaper  
suaddnoise  	sugabor  	sumigprefd  	suramp        sutaup  
suamp  		sugain  	sumigpreffd  	surange       sutsq  
suascii  	sugazmig  	sumigprepspi  	surecip       suttoz  
suattributes  	suget  		sumigpresp  	sureduce      sutvband  
suazimuth  	sugethw  	sumigps  	surelan       suunpack1  
subfilt  	suharlan  	sumigpspi  	suresamp      suunpack2  
suchart  	suhilb  	sumigpsti  	suresstat     suvcat  
suchw  		suifft  	sumigsplit  	sushape       suvelan  
sucommand  	suilog  	sumigtk  	sushift       suvibro  
suconv  	suimp2d  	sumigtopo2d  	sushw         suvlength  
sudatumfd  	suimp3d  	sumix  		susort        suweight  
sudatumk2dr  	suinterp  	sumute  	suspecfk      suwind  
sudatumk2ds  	suintvel  	sunmo  		suspecfx      suxcor  
sudipfilt  	suinvvxzco  	sunormalize  	suspeck1k2    suxedit  
sudivcor  	suinvzco3d  	sunull  	suspike       suzero  
sudivstack  	suk1k2filter  	suocext  	sustack  
sudmofk  	sukdmig2d  	suoldtonew  	sustatic  

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Delaunay Triangulation Materials:
gbbeam    normray    tri2uni  	trimodel    triray    triseis    uni2tri  

Tetrahedra Materials:
sutetraray    tetramod  

X-windows GRAPHICS for Delaunay Triangulation:

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Straight X-windows GRAPHICS:
lcmap    scmap       xepsb    ximage  	 xpsp  
lprop    xcontour    xepsp    xpicker    xwigb  

X-Toolkit based X-windows GRAPHICS:
xgraph    xmovie    xrects  

Motif-based X-windows GRAPHICS:

X-windows GRAPHICS: for SU ("segyclean"-ed SEGY)  data sets
suxcontour    suximage    suxmovie     suxwigb  
suxgraph      suxmax  	  suxpicker  

PostScript GRAPHICS:
psbbox       pscube    psgraph    pslabel      psmerge    pswigb  
pscontour    psepsi    psimage    psmanager    psmovie    pswigp  

PostScript GRAPHICS: for SU ("segyclean"-ed SEGY) data sets
supscontour    supsgraph    supsmax  	 supswigb  
supscube       supsimage    supsmovie    supswigp  

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Wavelet Packet Compression:
wpc1comp2    wpc1uncomp2  

Wavelet Packet Compression:
wpccompress    wpcuncompress  

2D Discrete Cosine Transform Compression:
dctcomp    dctuncomp  	entropy    wptcomp    wptuncomp    wtcomp    wtuncomp  

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Grep          cwpfind      overwrite      time_now   	  weekday   
argv          dirtree      precedence     todays_date     why   
copyright     filetype     replace   	  usernames   	  zap   
cpall         newcase      this_year      varlist   

gendocs     updatedoc     updatedocall     updatehead   

merge2     merge4   

lookpar     rmaxdiff     sudiff     sufind   	  suhelp   	unglitch   
maxdiff     suagc   	 sudoc      sufind2   	  sukeyword   
recip       suband   	 suenv      sugendocs     suname   

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Use: "suname" to list the name and a brief description of all
of the CWP codes.

Use "sufind" to find programs by keyword/name fragment.

Use: "gendocs" to compile a LaTeX document listing all self-docs.

Use: "sukeyword" to find the SEGY header field keyword definitions.

Type: "program_name <CR>" to view its self documentation

Note: not all programs listed here have the self-documentation feature
Type:  "sudoc  program_name" to list information for these programs.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, see the contents of:

John Stockwell 2007-04-10