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SUNAME - Lists the Name and Short Description of Every Item in SU

A more complete listing of the contents of the CWP/SU package may be obtained by typing

% suname

 -----  CWP Free Programs -----   


In CWPROOT/src/cwp/main:
* CTRLSTRIP - Strip non-graphic characters
* DOWNFORT - change Fortran programs to lower case, preserving strings
* FCAT - fast cat with 1 read per file 
* ISATTY - pass on return from isatty(2)
* MAXINTS - Compute maximum and minimum sizes for integer types 
* PAUSE - prompt and wait for user signal to continue
* T - time and date for non-military types
* UPFORT - change Fortran programs to upper case, preserving strings

In CWPROOT/src/par/main:
A2B - convert ascii floats to binary 				
B2A - convert binary floats to ascii				
DZDV - determine depth derivative with respect to the velocity	",  
FARITH - File ARITHmetic -- perform simple arithmetic with binary files
FTNSTRIP - convert a file of floats plus record delimiters created 	
H2B - convert 8 bit hexidecimal floats to binary		
KAPERTURE - generate the k domain of a line scatterer for a seismic array
MAKEVEL - MAKE a VELocity function v(x,y,z)				
MKPARFILE - convert ascii to par file format 				
PRPLOT - PRinter PLOT of 1-D arrays f(x1) from a 2-D function f(x1,x2)
RAYT2D - traveltime Tables calculated by 2D paraxial RAY tracing	
RECAST - RECAST data type (convert from one data type to another)	
REGRID3 - REwrite a [ni3][ni2][ni1] GRID to a [no3][no2][no1] 3-D grid
RESAMP - RESAMPle the 1st dimension of a 2-dimensional function f(x1,x2)

Please type: suhelp or see Appendix B for the full text.

John Stockwell 2007-04-10