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SUHELP - List the Executable Programs and Shell Scripts

For a general listing of the contents of SU, which includes each executable (that is, each main program and shell script) in the package type:

% suhelp

CWP PROGRAMS: (no self-documentation)
ctrlstrip       fcat            maxints         t  
downfort        isatty          pause           upfort  

PAR PROGRAMS: (programs with self-documentation)
a2b             kaperture       resamp          transp          vtlvz  
b2a             makevel         smooth2         unif2           wkbj  
farith          mkparfile       smoothint2      unisam  
ftnstrip        prplot          subset          unisam2  
h2b             recast          swapbytes       velconv  

press return key to continue
Please type suhelp or see Appendix B for the full text.

Another useful command sequence is:

% suhelp | lpr
which will the output from suhelp to the local print.

John Stockwell 2007-04-10