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Mines Java Toolkit (JTK)

The Mines Java Toolkit is a set of open-source Java packages and native (non-Java) code libraries for science and engineering.



Madagascar is an open-source software package for multidimensional data analysis and reproducible computational experiments.

CWP Seismic Unix

Seismic Unix (SU)

Seismic Unix is a seismic processing and research environment developed at the Center for Wave Phenomena.



Other CWP software

CWP Matlab: Research Matlab codes A collection of seismic research codes dealing with the subject of anisotropic wave propagation and material parameter extraction.

Seismic data: Small samples

Data samples including a couple of versions of OZ Yilmaz's 40 shot gathers from his classic book Seismic Data Analysis.

SUB: SEG Y Procedural language Martin Smith's procedural language for manipulating SEG-Y data streams.

CWP Object-Oriented Optimization Library (COOOL) A C++ optimization toolkit containing many applications, from sparse linear solvers to quasi-newton methods. This package was developed under the direction of John Scales, and is now a product of the CSM Physical Acoustics Lab (PAL).

Wavelets: Jack Cohen's Mathematica wavelet packages

An early set of notebooks in old Mathematica for wavelet transforms and applications.

Anisotropy: Jack Cohen's Mathematica anisotropy packages An early set of notebooks in old Mathematica providing the user with applications anisotropic wave propagation.

Neural: Dave Lane's neural net code Offered in C code, translated from a Fortran program that no longer exists, demonstrating the solution of the classic xor problem via a neural net algorithm.

Calculus: Jack Cohen's educational calculus materials

A collection of old-style Mathematica notebooks written for educational purposes.

Uni-Processor Genetic Algorithm (UGA) A C++ multi-population rank-based genetic algorithm and related class libraries. Code is maintained by the CSM Physical Acoustics Lab (PAL).




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