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Xinming WU

Country: China
Degree Program: PhD, Geophysics
E-mail: xinwu@mines.edu


Xinming received a Bachelor of Engineering degree in 2009 in geophysics from Central South University, in Changsha, China. He earned a Master of Science degree in 2012 in geophysicsfrom Tongji University, Shanghai. Xinming joined CWP in August 2012 and is working with Dr. Dave Hale. He interned twice at Drillinginfo in Littleton, Colorado. From August 2015, he has been working with Dr. Sergey Fomel as a visiting scholar at the University of Texas, Austin.

Xinming enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking, traveling and staying with family.



Xinming is mainly interested in 3D seismic image processing for interpretation. He has worked on fault processing for fault surface extraction, fault slip estimation, and seismic image unfaulting; unconformity processing for unconformity surface extraction and seismic normal vector estimation at unconformities; as well as image flattening with or without control points. He is currently working on salt boundary extraction, simultaneous multiple-well ties, and subsurface modeling.




3D seismic image processing for faults

xinming2015 xinming2015


Horizon volumes and unconformities


Extracting horizons from 3D seismic images



Generating a seismic Wheeler volume




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