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Satyan SINGH

Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Degree Program: PhD, Geophysics
E-mail: sasingh@mines.edu


Curriculum Vitae


Satyan graduated from the University of West Indies in 2008, with a Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum geosciences. While an undergraduate, he had a summer internship with BP Trinidad and Tobago, which was followed by his employment as an exploration geophysicist at BG Group Trinidad and Tobago.After one year of employment in the oil and gas industry, he decided to pursue a Master of Science degree in geophysics at Texas A&M University.

Satyan joined CWP in August 2011 and his advisor is Prof. Roel Snieder. His current interest is retrieving the Green's function and imaging. Apart from academic research, Satyan enjoys playing table tennis, cricket and football.



Satyan's current research is retrieving the Green's function in the presence of the free surface. Satyan presents a new scheme that focuses primaries and all multiples, i.e., internal multiples and free surface multiples. In other words, we retrieve the Green's function in the presence of the free surface. Our requirements are still the reflection response and an estimate of the first arrival at the surface from the virtual source. Significantly, the reflection response includes the free surface multiples, i.e., no free surface multiple removal is required.


Marchenko imaging with free-surface multiples



Autofocusing in a reflectionless medium


Autofocusing with free surface



Wavefield reconstruction of free surface multiples




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