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Farhad Bazargani


Country: USA
Degree Program: PhD, Geophysics
E-mail: fbazarga@mines.edu


Farhad received his Bachelor of Science degree in physics and Master of Science degree in geophysics from the University of Tehran. After graduation, Farhad worked for a few years as a geophysicist with WesternGeco and PGS Inc. He then decided to continue his studies at CWP at the Colorado School of Mines. Farhad's CWP advisor is Prof. Roel Snieder.

He enjoys classical music, philosophy, programming, playing the violin, and swimming.



Where data acquisition is incomplete, time-reversal imaging is not optimal. Farhad researches a new method to optimize seismic source imaging despite incomplete acquisition.

Optimal wave focusing

3 foci


A comparison of source imaging methods. A dipole acoustic source (left) is imaged once using the conventional time-reversal technique (center), and one with the new optimization method (right).





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