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Tongning (Tony) YANG

Country: China
Degree Program: PhD, Geophysics
E-mail: tyang@mines.edu


Curriculum Vitae


Tongning earned his Bachelor of Science degree in geophysics from Tongji University, Shanghai, China. During his undergraduate study, he completed a project on velocity analysis using Kirchhoff prestack time migration. His thesis was titled “High-resolution Parabolic Radon Transform Seismic Interpolation.”

At CWP, he is working with Prof. Paul Sava on wave-equation migration velocity analysis (WEMVA), using extended imaging conditions. In summer 2009, Tongning interned with Statoil in Norway, working on the implementation of WEMVA based on the time-shift imaging condition. In summer 2010, Tongning interned with ConocoPhillips in Houston. His project mainly focuses on differential semblance optimization with common-image-point gathers. In summer 2012, Tongning interned with BP in Houston. He worked on a project which analyzed the feasibility of using wave-equation tomography to build initial models for full-waveform inversion. The project results showed great potential for combining these two techniques to get reliable velocity model in complex areas.

In his spare time, Tongning likes climbing, swimming and playing soccer. He also loves to cook, especially Chinese food.



Tongning's research focuses on the velocity model building using seismic wavefields, which is often referred to as wavefield tomography This technique is aimed at reconstructing a reliable and accurate velocity model in complex subsurface areas. The reconstruct velocity model improves the structural characterization of the subsurface and thus facilitates the interpretation of the reservoir.

He is currently working on the wavefield tomography in the image domain, using extended images to analyze the velocity information and to optimize the velocity model.


Image-domain wavefield tomography




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