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Pengfei Cai

Pengfei CAI

Country: China

Degree Program: MSc., Geophysics

E-mail: pcai@mines.edu


Pengfei completed his Bachelor of Science degree at Tsinghua University in China, where he majored in mathematics and applied mathematics. His thesis described the refined harmonic Arnoldi method for computing interior eigenvalues of large matrices. Advised by Ilya Tsvankin in CWP, Pengfei is currently working on reflection tomography using PP and PS seismic data.

His other interests include: basketball, swimming, tennis and climbing. Since arriving in Colorado, he has also acquired an interest in cooking because he never had to cook for himself! Pengfei loves to tell jokes. He likes the following Groucho Marx quote: "Humor is reason gone mad."



Pengfei's research work focuses on joint velocity analysis of PP- and PS-waves for TI media. Converted (PS) waves can provide important information about shear wave velocity and help to constrain anisotropy parameters. "PP+PS=SS" method is applied to generate pure-mode SS reflection data from PP- and PS-waves. His velocity analysis algorithm flattens PP and SS common-image-point gathers and matches PP images and SS images in depth.


Joint MVA of PP- and PS-waves for VTI media




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