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Clément FLEURY

Country: France

Degree Program: Ph.D., Geophysics

E-mail: cfleury@mines.edu


Curriculum Vitae


Clément joined CWP as a visiting scholar in Spring 2009. He completed his Master of Science research project in collaboration with Professor Roel Snieder, while working towards both his "Ecole d'Ingenieur" degree from ESPCI (Ecole Superieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles) and his Master of Science degree in Physical Acoustics from the University Paris Diderot, in France.

Following the successful defense of his thesis in France, Clément returned to CWP in Fall 2009 as a Ph.D. Candidate under Professor Roel Snieder. After completing his first year, he went to the University of Edinburgh during the summer of 2010 for collaborative research. After this fruitful experience, Clément came back to Golden, completed his thesis proposal, and actively worked on advancing his Ph.D. research. During the summer of 2011, he interned at Schlumberger Cambridge Research in England. Back to CWP in Fall 2011, Clément has been focusing his efforts towards the completion of his Ph.D. thesis, while maintaining close collaborations with some industry and academic partners. Clément successfully defended his Ph.D thesis on September 5th, 2012. He is looking forward to starting with his new job in France.

His hobbies include various sports (volleyball, handball, rugby and skiing, to name a few), live music (including jazz and blues music), traveling, and good food of course!



Clement's general research interest are:

Target-oriented sub-salt imaging: application of the NLRTM method



Conventional RTM image



Velocity contrast model estimate

green_arrow   NLRTM method applied to the poorly illuminated target area gr_arrow45  


Sub-image (a)


Sub-image (b)


Sub-image (c)


Sub-image (d)

NLRTM sub-images of the target area: Illumination and sensitivity increased by multiply scattered waves.

## Note: these images are based on the Sigsbee salt model.


Bi-objective optimization of FWI and MVA




FWI solution


MVA solution



FWI + MVA solution


Initial model


## Note: these images are based on the Marmousi model.


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