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Ashley FISH

Country: U.S.A.

Degree Program: MSc., Geophysics

E-mail: asfish@mines.edu


Ashley graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a Bachelor of Science degree in geophysical engineering and a minor in McBride Honors Public Affairs. As an undergraduate, she held summer employment with the Aspen Center for Physics, Crystal River Oil and Gas and Cimarex Energy. During the school year, she worked for Cimarex Energy as a Geophysical Analysis Team member and intern. In addition, she enjoyed working as a head student ambassador and resident assistant for CSM. As a member of the CWP Imaging Team, Ashley assisted with the development of an automatic microseismic event detection algorithm for her senior design project. She is excited to have Paul Sava advising her Master of Science research in the field of microseismic imaging.

Outside of geophysics, Ashley's interests include: golf, argentine tango, parkour, self-defense, community volunteering, hiking, travel, foreign languages, cultural immersion, pencil drawing and glider flying.



Accurately locating and determining the character of microseisms is a challenge faced by industry. To accurately locate microseisms, three components are necessary: an accurate velocity model, the correct source onset time, and sufficient aperture in the recorded data. We advocate for automatic techniques based on reverse time imaging. Reverse time imaging is capable, in principle, to focus microseismic energy at its source position and at its trigger time, even when data are corrupted by high levels of noise.

However, time-reverse focusing relies on a good understanding of the models used for wave propagation, as well as on a broad acquisition aperture, and correct source onset time. We explore the ability to incorporate FWI with velocity model updates, with the absence of source onset time and an imperfect velocity model.


Microseismic velocity modeling


2D, Isotropic velocity


2D, Isotropic velocity


Horizontal elastic data


Horizontal elastic data



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