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Adjunct faculty / Communication coach



Diane supports graduate students as they develop into confident and effective research scientists, writers, presenters, and collaborators within the rigorous applied science and engineering community of Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and the CWP consortium. This involves teaching and coaching students in three principal areas:

Professional Skills: Through targeted curriculum, workshops, and one-on-one consulting, she helps students understand and meet expectations, strengthen communication skills, develop effective relationships with advisors and others in the campus community, troubleshoot professional and research dilemmas, offer and incorporate constructive feedback, resolve conflicts, and practice collaborative engagement.

Writing: She teaches technical writing and helps students communicate their research contributions to specific audiences. Students develop valuable planning, drafting, revision, and editing skills, and learn how to prepare strong papers for publication.

Oral Presentation: She teaches public speaking that is useful for conference presentations and thesis defense, covering aspects of content, delivery, and slide preparation.

Through courses and informal conversational gatherings, she provides a welcoming space for students to network with each other, explore questions about the academic and cultural transitions they are making, access practical resources, and share strategies for success in their particular degree programs. She also mentors a group of women scientists and engineers on campus as they negotiate the challenges and rewards of pursuing degrees and careers in STEM fields.

Course offering

SYGN503 Integrating into the CSM Community is a 1-credit hour course in professional skills, specifically designed for the CSM international graduate population.

Support for

(During fall semesters, the class meets 1 hour per week; during spring semesters, the short course is condensed into half the semester and meets for one 2-hour session per week).


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