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Michael BEHM

CWP Post-doctoral fellow
Country: Austria
E-mail: mbehm@mines.edu


Curriculum Vitae


Michael is a post-doctoral CWP student who received his Master of Science (2002) and Doctor of Technical Sciences (2006) degrees from the University of Vienna, where he also held a post-doctoral position until April 2011. His research work there included modeling of the crustal and upper mantle structure based on active and passive seismic data, as well as near surface studies with ground penetrating radar. He also gave lectures on seismic processing, held courses in applied geophysics and supervised several bachelor and master theses. He moved to the Colorado School of Mines in the summer of 2011 to work with Prof. Roel Snieder in an ExxonMobil-funded project, which focuses on passive seismology.

Michael enjoys hiking, backcountry skiing, caving and music.


Clearing Method


Michael's current research focuses on seismic interferometry applied to a data set from the La Barge basin (Wyoming). The aim is to obtain surface and body waves from local and regional noise sources, and subsequently, to construct a sub-surface model of the area. Special emphasis is given to the three-component aspect of the data set.



















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