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Ehsan Zabihi Naeini


CWP Visiting Scholar
E-mail: enaeini@ikonscience.com


Ehsan is a Senior Research Geoscientist with more than six years' industry experience, particularly in 3D/4D seismic processing and inversion. He has an MSc and PhD in Geophysics (Exploration Seismology) from the University of Tehran and a BSc in Physics from the University of Isfahan. During his studies for his PhD, Ehsan joined CGG in London as a Research Geophysicist to develop industrial algorithms for 3D/4D seismic processing as part of his PhD. After finishing his PhD he continued working with CGG and moved to Aberdeen to lead the Research & Technology Team in the BP Dedicated Processing Centre.

Ehsan joined Ikon Science in May 2012, as a Senior Research Geoscientist, responsible for the incorporation of latest techniques and developments in the area of reservoir characterisation and seismic data conditioning into the Ikon Science's RokDoc platform. Ehsan is also responsible for Academic Affairs in Ikon Science.

During his CWP visit, he will be working with Prof. Dave Hale in the area of seismic image processing.

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