Pictured from left to right are Mara Cohen Marks (Jack Cohen's daughter), John Stockwell, Shuki Ronen, and SEG President Walter Lynn.

At the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Annual Meeting in September 2002, in Salt Lake City, the principal developers of Seismic Un*x were given a Special Commendation by the SEG.

The recipients of the award were Einar Kjartannson (not pictured), Shuki Ronen, Jack K. Cohen (posthumous), and John Stockwell.

Einar Kjartansson began writing what is now called SU (the SY package) in the late 1970's while still a graduate student at Jon Claerbout's Stanford Exploration Project (SEP). He continued to expand the package while he was a professor at the University of Utah in the early eighties. In 1984, during an extended visit to SEP Einar introduced SY to Shuki Ronen, then a graduate student at Stanford. Ronen and other Stanford students further developed SY from 1984 to 1986.

In 1986, Shuki Ronen brought this work to our Center during a one year postdoctoral appointment at the Colorado School of Mines. During this time, Ronen aided Cohen in turning SU into a supportable and exportable product.

John Stockwell's involvment with SU began in 1989. He is largely responsible for designing the Makefile structure that makes the package easy to install on the majority of Unix platforms. He has been the main contact for the project since the first public release of SU in September of 1992 (Release 17). After Jack Cohen's death in 1996, John assumed the role of principal investigator of the SU project and has remained in this capacity to the present.