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CWP/SU: Seismic Unix




27 years of Seismic Unix!

The Seismic Unix Project is partially supported by the CWP Consortium Project. In the past, the Seismic Unix Project received partial support from the Gas Research Institute (GRI) and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Foundation.


CWP/SU: Seismic Unix release 43R3 full source code, documentation and release notes


Installation instructions

Read these installation instructions first!

Legal statement

Legal Statement and Licensing (a Free BSD style license)

SU 43R5 Full Source Code (current release)

CWP/SU: Seismic Un*x Release 43R5 as a gzipped tar archive. Released on 6 Dec 2013. (43R4 was withdrawn owing to error in segywrite.)

SU 43R3 Full Source Code

CWP/SU: Seismic Un*x Release 43R3 as a gzipped tar archive. Released on 12 Nov 2012.

SU 43R3 Notes

CWP/SU: Notes for 43R3.

Release 43 R2 (older release)

CWP/SU: Seismic Un*x Release 43R2 as a zipped tar archive. Released on 17 May 2012 .

Release 43 R1 (older release)

CWP/SU: Seismic Un*x Release 43R1 as a zipped tar archive. Released on 1 Jan 2012 .


Printable copies of the SU User Manual, and other documents.

For SU users outside the USA

Users outside the United States may download smaller versions of SU here: outside_usa.

New!!! OpenSeaSeis Release 2.0

The popular open source seismic workflow generator and seismic viewer SeaSeis, developed by Bjorn Olofssen, has been donated to the Colorado School of Mines, and is now OpenSeaSeis! OpenSeaSeis.

SLT/SU: Seismic Laboratory Tools (or SugarLand Texas) written in SU-style

The SLT/SU: Seismic Laboratory Tools package is the work of a number of geophysicists, including Zhiming Li, Rick Ottolini and Reg Beardsley. Through the generosity of Chevron, these codes have been donated to the Colorado School of Mines and the Center for Wave Phenomena for general distribution in the hopes that the codes will prove useful to students and research scientists everywhere. Our ultimate goal is to absorb the greater part of SLT/SU into the regular SU package.

The package will install as is on a number of platforms. These codes were based on an earlier version of CWP/SU, so there is some overlap with the CWP/SU. Also, there is mixed-language (F77 and C) programming, which may reduce portability. The SLT codes are distributed under the same licence Legal Statement as the regular SU package.

BHP_SU: SU-style codes developed by BHP Billiton

The BHP_SU package was written largely by Michael Gilinsky at BHP Billiton, as part of an innovative open-source software project sponsored by BHP. BHP has graciously allowed these codes to be distributed by the Colorado School of Mines.

Potash SU: SU-style codes developed by Balazs Nemeth

Potash SU: Additional SU style codes were written by Balazs Nemeth and given to the Colorado School of Mines by the Potash Corporation in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Our ultimate goal is to absorb Potash SU into the regular SU package.

The package has a Makefile, but it is not expected that users install the package. This collection is offered as raw material for software developers. The Potash SU codes are distributed under the same licence Legal Statement as the regular SU package.


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Links to related items

Disclaimer: These links are provided as a courtesy. CWP is not responsible for the content or maintenance of non-CWP websites.

CWP Sponsors-Only webpage

The CWP Sponsor webpage contains confidential software and resources for Sponsors of the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures.


CWPMatlab is a collection of seismic research codes for anisotropic wave propagation and material parameter extraction.

Seismic data: Small samples

Seismic Data samples, including a couple of versions of OZ Yilmaz's 40 shot gathers from his classic book Seismic Data Analysis. GPGN 461 561 materials are password-protected.

SEISUNIX: CWP/SU listserv group

Post your SU questions by e-mail at seisunix@mailman.mines.edu You need to register at Seisunix, the Seismic Un*x listserver group before doing this.

SeismicUnix Wiki

SU Wiki is a Wiki for the CWP/SU: Seismic Un*x package, providing a living and ever-expanding collection of "How-To" tips and helpful info to use SU. Thanks to Oleg V. Poliannikov and Mike Stone for this Wiki.

Awards and recognitions

2002 Special Commendation and 1994 Technology Transfer Society.

SU Help Page

SU Help Page maintained by Chris Liner.


Henry Thorson's TK/SU, an experimental GUI for SU at Henry Thorson Consulting.


SUNT, a port of SU to the Microsoft Windows architecture.

GIF movies of propagating waves

Jeff Barker's GIF movies of propagating waves.



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